Leveraging Innovation and delivering business solutions for technology needs
Our Company

Owned and operated in Singapore, Techli Hung Pte Ltd (TLH) has been in the industry since 1995 with a diversity of experience throughout the field. We pride ourselves on being an industry specialist in specialized IT products & services.

TLH has established a reputation for providing exceptional quality work with customer satisfaction being our Number One Priority. Our professional staff understands the importance of providing peak performance while also evaluating methods for the improvement of client service. As we always believe The Only Thing Constant Is Nothing But Changes

Enterprise Supplies

We provide an exchange platform, in-depth expertise and capabilities for all technology innovation across the globe. As a provider, we partners with leading vendor partners, and calibrating the latest technology.

TLH provides professionals and businesses with the help they need to maximize productivity and stay ahead of the competition by providing Enterprise Class Equipment & Product.